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Shipping Delays

Shipping Delays

Posted by Rick von Hessen on 17th Dec 2020

It's that time of year. Christmas is around the corner and shipping is a disaster.   The Chicom Virus is not helping matters and neither are our friends at the US Postal Service.  Every shipment is taking longer to get any where.  We had a customer in North Carolina who ordered a pair of Wehrmact socks shipped via First Class mail.  Cheap, only $3.00 to ship. The package left here the day he ordered and then began it's odyssey to New York, New Jersey, two cities in North Carolina before he received it 12 days later.  I currently have shipment of Phantomleaf clothing coming from Germany that cleared customs in Miami, Florida on 6 December and has been on the road since then.  Tracking is a joke because they are so overwhelmed and not scanning all the packages anymore.  There is plenty of blame to go around, but the bottom line is this.  If you can't wait 10-15 days to have a package arrive, then DO NOT CHOOSE USPS as your shipping option.  Go with UPS, it may be more expensive, but you will get it within a week.  

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