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Parts and Accessories for German Military Small Arms
  • MG34/MG42 Sling MG34/MG42 Sling

    MG34/MG42 Sling

    New reproduction leather sling for both the MG34 and MG42. Made of high grade brown leather with authentic hardware and stitching. These MG slings are exactly like the originals and will fit both 34 and 42 machineguns.

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    German Barrel Cleaning Wicks

    Since the turn of the century the cotton bore wick has been an integral part of German Army cleaning kits. The 7" cotton-blend wicks are designed for use with the pull-through chain supplied with each kit. We offer a new sealed German Army package of 125...

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  • German MG34/MG42 Ammo Belt 50 Rounds, MG 34, MG 42 German MG34/MG42 Ammo Belt 50 Rounds, MG 34, MG 42

    MG34/MG42 Ammo Belt

    German military 50 round ammo Belt for use with the MG34 and MG42. These steel belts are to be used with one 50 ammunition basket drum or they were combined to build 100 and 150 round belts that were carried in the 250 can. These are all in good...

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  • 98K Front Sight Hood

    98K Front Sight Hood

    New reproduction Mauser K98K Front Sight Hood. These will fit most Post-1940 98K rifles. Can also be used with the G43 and K43 rifles. (You should check before purchasing to ensure your rifle has the correct front sight base). Made of steel, new and...

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  • 98K Cleaning Rod 10"

    98K Cleaning Rod - 10 inch

    New reproduction Mauser K98K cleaning rods. 10 inches in length (26 cm) these will fit most Pre-1940 98K rifles with flat butt plates. (You should check before purchasing to ensure your rifle has the correct stock). New and unissued condition, no...

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  • Luger Take-down Tool

    Luger Take-down Tool

    New reproduction Luger P-08 take-down tool (SCHLÜSSEL). Used for dis-assembly of the Luger. These were issued with every P 08 pistol and carried in a special pocket in the top flap of the holster. New and unissued condition, no markings visible on...

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