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Replica Guns

Hessen Antique is your source Historic German American and Modern Replica Firearms and and other collectible items. Here is a selection of replica guns that are priced to sell. Please check your state and local laws before ordering.

US Sales only.

No Sales to Canada. Replica firearms are prohibited devices in Canada.

We can ship these replicas to Australia. Importers must first obtain written certification from the police firearms or weapons registry in their State or Territory. This certification will be in the form of a B709A Importation of Firearms – Police Confirmation and Certification Form (B709A Form).
PayPal can not be used to purchase these model's. You must use other forms of payment (credit card or money order) 

Hessen Antique does not support or represent any organization that promotes hatred or racism. Hessen Antique is a company that offers antiques, historic items and World War II Militaria.

We are not affiliated with/or embrace the philosophies of any radical, political, or racist organizations. These items are sold for collectors, re-enactors, historical organizations and theatrical purposes only.