This Week's Restocked Items 09/18/2022

This Week's Restocked Items 09/18/2022

Posted by Ranger Rick on 16th Sep 2022

We received new stock on few items in this week that we have been eagerly awaiting.  The global supply chain is still moving very slowly, but things are making there way to us.

Here's what came in this week:

Repro Vietnam Era US Army Towel

East German Army Enlisted Visor Cap

Enlisted Bayonet Knot

Bavaria Belt Buckle

NCO Bayonet Knot - Prussia

New G.I. Poncho Liner

Plus, a large shipment of WWII German Field Gear and Insignia just arrived!  We'll sort through it and post on next weeks update as we get it in the inventory.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Rockford next weekend!


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