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This week's restocked items - 10/10/2023

This week's restocked items - 10/10/2023

Posted by Ranger Rick on 13th Oct 2023

Large shipment of WWI and WWII German uniforms arrived this week. Here's what came in:

Model 1907/10 Officer's Waffenrock

Model 1907 Shirt

M1910 Stone-grey Wool Breeches

WWI Stone-grey Puttees (Pair)

WASP.I.Z3A GEN.II Trilam Boonie Hat

WASP.I.Z3A Ripstop Wet Weather Poncho

We also have a large shipment of WWII German Wool Uniforms and Caps that are stuck in customs so hopefully they will be here soon. Next week expect a huge shipment of German Helmets. Please check out the website for updates and some new Phantomleaf items.


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