This weeks Restocked items. 10/1/2021

This weeks Restocked items. 10/1/2021

Posted by Ranger Rick on 1st Oct 2021

Here's a quick look at what items were restocked this week:

WWII Fallschirmjaeger Knives

WWII German Kat Knives

WWII US M3 Fighting Knives

Bw Fighting Knives

WWII Wrist Watches

Vietnam War Wrist Watches

Original WWII German Steel Helmets

Russian WWII Makarav Pistol Replica 

Pistol Replica WWII German P-38 

Replica German K98 Rifle 

M1911A1 Replica Government 45 Automatic Pistol

Replica M1928 Machine Gun Magazine

Tiger Stripe Jump Suits

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