This weeks Restocked items.  11/19/2021

This weeks Restocked items. 11/19/2021

Posted by Ranger Rick on 19th Nov 2021

Busy week here at Hessen Antique.  We had several large shipments come in.  WWII German Wool Uniforms and Greatcoats, German Socks from Ireland, GI Boots from our friends at QMI in Belgium also WWI German hats from Poland.  

QMI WWII GI Jump Boots, US Paratrooper

QMI WWII GI Shoes, Service, Reverse Upper

QMI WWII GI Shoes, Service

QMI WWII GI Boots, Service, Combat (Buckle boots)

M37 Field-grey Wool Greatcoat

M40 Field-grey Wool Greatcoat

M42 Late-war Wool Greatcoat

M42 Late-War Wool Jacket (Feldbluse)

M43 Late War Wool Jacket (Feldbluse)

SS M43 Late-war Wool Jacket (Feldbluse)

M44 Late-war Wool Jacket

M43 Late-war Wool Trousers (Keilhosen)

M44 Late-war Wool Trousers (Keilhosen)

German Military Wool Socks

M1907 Feldmützen

M1907 Special Troops Feldmützen

M1917 Einheitsfeldmützen

M1910 Officer Visor Cap

M1910 Specialist Officer Visor Cap

M1915 Officer Field Cap

Also, don't forget to check our FALL CLEARANCE SALE going on right now.  We have over 400 items on sale at deep discounts.  We will continue to add items as these sell so don't miss out, there is something for everyone!

Next week we celebrate Thanksgiving, our office will be closed during the holiday, but you can still order on-line and check-in for some special deals...


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