This Week's Restocked Items 1/20/2023

This Week's Restocked Items 1/20/2023

Posted by Ranger Rick on 20th Jan 2023

Hope everyone is doing well and recovering from the Holidays! We've started to receive plenty of shipments these days.  Lot's of surplus and tactical gear, but also some WWI and WWII items.  We've been listing the new items on the website as they come in.  Here's just some of what was restocked this week.

WH Rucksack

Fallschirmjäger Gas Mask Bag

Soldaten Billfold


LW Gamaschen

M31 Bread Bag

Black Leather Equipment Belt

M31 Helmet Chin Straps

MP 43 u. StG 44 Ammo Pouches

Greatcoat Strap

Wehrmacht Marksmanship Lanyard

Rank Insignia for Flight Clothing

Soldbuch Pouch

M1907 Greatcoat Strap

WWI German Marching Boot Straps

M93 Bread Bag

Neck Stock

1909 Leather Equipment Belt

QMI M-1938 Tank Helmet

QMI WWII GI Jump Boots

QMI WWII GI Boots, Service, Combat

M42 Jacket Reinforced, Jump uniform (101AB)

M42 Trousers Reinforced , Jump uniform (101AB)

QMI WWII GI Shoes, Service

Bundeswehr Panzer Beret

Bundeswehr Panzer Grenadier Beret

Bundeswehr Feldartillerie Beret

Bundeswehr Combat Action Medal

Pilot Wings - Gold

Flecktarn Rank Insignia Set

We have much more so please check out the website for updates! 


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