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This Week's Restocked Items - 2/9/2023

This Week's Restocked Items - 2/9/2023

Posted by Ranger Rick on 9th Feb 2023

Busy week here, big shipment of uniforms has arrived at our Warehouse.  The team is busy unpacking and sorting as I write this.  Here is what came in:

Model 1907/10 Feldrock

Model 1907/10 Uhlan Ulanka

Model 1907 Pioneer Feldrock

Prussian M15 Feldbluse

Model 1907/10 Officer's Waffenrock

Model 07/10 Officer's Uhlan Ulanka

Model 1907/14 Stone-grey Wool Piped Trousers

M1910 Stone-grey Wool Breeches

M1910 Stone-grey Gabardine Breeches

Model 1907 Shirt

WWI Stone-grey Puttees

WWI Field-grey Puttees

Off-white Drillich Jacket

Reed Green Drillich Jacket

SS 44 Dot Camo Jacket

SS 44 Dot Camo Trousers

DAK Trousers

LW Tropical Trousers

LW M40 Blue Wool Fliegerbluse

LW M38 Fallschirmjäger Trousers

Fallschirmjäger Jump Smock, Splinter B Camo

SS Brown Service Shirt

SS M32 Black Wool Greatcoat

SS M32 Black Wool Jacket

SS 44 Pea Dot Camo Field Cap

M31 Mess Kit

Improved Reproduction M16 Helmet

We expect another shipment of our Wehrmacht Feldgrau Wool Uniforms as well as German Hats and Boots this month so please check the website for updates.


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