This weeks Restocked Items 4/14/21

This weeks Restocked Items 4/14/21

Posted by Ranger Rick on 14th May 2021

No big shipments this week, but we did get some good items restocked.

From Quartermaster Inspector in Belguim:

QMI Raincoat, Synthetic Resin Coated, O.D. (Dismounted)

US Repro WWII Carrier, Pack (Tail) for M-1928 Haversack

Wrist Compass, Taylor (Liquid filled)

M6 Bag, Army Lightweight Service Mask

US WWII M43 Combat Boots

QMI WWII GI Shoes, Service

Bundeswehr Berets from Germany:

Bundeswehr Wachbatallion Beret

Bundeswehr Jägertruppe Beret

From Leo Koelher in Germany:


Bw Tropical Combat T-Shirt - OD

And as always a Ton of Surplus Gear so please check the website for updates and great deals!

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