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This week's restocked items - 6/2/2023

This week's restocked items - 6/2/2023

Posted by Ranger Rick on 2nd Jun 2023

We did receive a couple of shipments over the last two weeks. We received some hat's from Hero Collection in Poland and GI gear from Quartermaster Inspector in Belgium. We also received a restock of Vietnam War OD rank insignia. Here's what came in:

WH "Kleiderkasse" Infantry Crusher Cap

SS "Kleiderkasse" Infantry NCO Crusher Cap

SS "Kleiderkasse" Infantry Officer Crusher Cap with BeVo Insignia

Waffen SS Oakleaf Camouflage M-42 Cap

QMI WWII GI M41 Field Jacket

QMI Raincoat, Synthetic Resin Coated, O.D.

Daisy Mae, Hat, Herringbone Twill

Cover, M3 Grease Gun .45 Cal Sub MG

Case, CS-156 for BC611

Aviator's Kit Bag

Demolition Tool Bag

Suspenders, Trousers, Khaki (Model 1)

Satchel Charge Bag

U.S. Paratrooper Scarf

Subdued Sleeve Rank Insignia - Black on OD

We have a few more shipments coming in this month, both GI and German gear and as always, plenty of Surplus and Tactical gear arriving daily.  Please check the website for updates.  Also, please come by and see us at the Military Vehicle Preservation Association International Convention in Des Moines, Iowa 15-17 June!  We will be bringing mostly GI gear as well as some Tactical and Surplus items.


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