This Weeks Restocked Items 8/25/2022

This Weeks Restocked Items 8/25/2022

Posted by Ranger Rick on 26th Aug 2022

We received a few shipments this week of items I know many of you have been waiting for:

WH Knit Service Shirts, with and without pockets

SS-44 Pee Dot Caps

LW M38 Fallschirmjäger Trousers

LW M40 Tropical Jackets

LW Tropical Trousers

M40 HBT Trousers

Off White HBT Drill Trousers

LW M40 Flieger Bluse

US Repro WWII BAR Belt

US Repro WWII M36 Suspenders

US Repro WWII Thompson 5 cell 20 rd Mag Pouch

US Repro WWII Machette Sheath

East German Fallschirmjäger Berets

Plus Several WWI and WWII German Awards and a Ton of Surplus items.  Please check the website for updates and also check out all the new items we've listed!



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