This week's restocked items - 9/29/2023

This week's restocked items - 9/29/2023

Posted by Ranger Rick on 29th Sep 2023

Good restock of WWI German items came in this week, just in time for Newville.  Here's what came in:

1915 Gas Mask Filter

Gas Mask Bag

Model 95 Tornister Backpack

98/05 Bayonet Frog

84/98 Bayonet Frog

Prussian Rucksack

1909 Gew 98 Ammo Pouches - Black (Sold in Pairs)

M1915 Zeltbahn

M1893 Zeltbahn

Model 1907 Canteen

M93 Bread Bag

M14 Bread Bag

M93 Bread Bag Strap

M14 Bread Bag Strap

Grey Camouflage Band for Field Cap

Camouflage Band for Field Cap

Slip-on pattern M-07/10 Shoulder Boards on Field-Grey wool

Slip-on pattern M-07/10 Pioneer Shoulder Boards on Black wool

What else is coming?  A very large shipment of German WWII uniforms and caps has been stuck in Customs for over a month, I don't know why US Customs and Border Protection are so backed up, anyone have any ideas???  We also are expecting a huge shipment of German Boots coming in from Spain next week.  German Helmets are on the way as well.  Hope everyone has a great weekend, especially our friends at Rockford, it's killing me that we can't make it this year!


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