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This week's restocked items - 9/8/2023

This week's restocked items - 9/8/2023

Posted by Ranger Rick on 8th Sep 2023

Now that summer is coming to an end, hopefully the weather will cooperate and cool down so all of you can get out in the field.  We had a shipment of leather and canvas gear come in this week, here's what came in:

98K Leather Rifle Sling

Repro WWII Belt, BAR, Magazine

US Repro WWII M1923 Garand Belt

Repro WWII M36 Suspenders

WWII GI Thompson 5 Cell Magazine Pouch - Reproduction

Repro Cal .45 Sub Machine Gun Magazine Carry Case

More great stuff arriving this month.  Big shipment of WWII German Wool uniforms and caps and a restock of WWI and WWII German Leather boots from Spain.  WWI German Field Gear and WWI and WII German Awards and Badges.  Please check the website and this blog for updates. 


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