This weeks Restocked Items

This weeks Restocked Items

Posted by Ranger Rick on 26th Feb 2021

Here are some of the items that were restocked this week.

Bundeswehr Field Trousers

New, current issue Flecktarn trousers from Leo Köhler.

European made German Belt Buckles

New reproduction German belt buckles made in Europe and struck from the original German dies


Bw Army Mountain Cap

Original Bundeswehr Issue Gebirgsjäger caps complete with insignia.

Bundeswehr Kommando Spezialkräfte Beret

Bundeswehr Fallschirmjäger Beret

Bundeswehr Fernspähtruppe Beret

Bundeswehr Panzeraufklärer Beret

German Boots from Spain.

  • Riding Boots
  • Jack Boots with hobnails w/ Heavy Duty Soles
  • Infantry Boots with Hobnails w/ Heavy Duty Soles
  • Black Low Boots with Hobnails w/ Heavy Duty Soles
  • Low Boots with Hobnails with Heavy Duty Soles
  • Dress Jack Boots
  • DAK Tropical High Boots with hobnails
  • DAK Tropical Low Boots

As always, plenty of Surplus items came in as well.  So please check the website for updates.  Have a great weekend!

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