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This week's restocked items - 2/15/2024

This week's restocked items - 2/15/2024

Posted by Ranger Rick on 15th Feb 2024

Big shipment of original East German Army (NVA) gear arrived.  This stuff was lost in a warehouse in Germany for the last 30 years!  We got the last of it and now's your chance.

East German Head Toque

German Military Foot Wraps (Fußlappen)

East German Army Officer's Belt

East German Trouser Suspenders

WH Style Hand Towel

East German Grey Y-Straps

East German Insulated Canteen

East German Camo Canteen

East German Camo Transport Bag Used

East German Camo Shelter Half

East German Army Camouflage Field Cap

East German Steel Helmet - USED

East German Steel Helmet - Like New

East German Army EM Overseas Hat

East German OD Wool Gloves

Take a look at these and all the other great NVA gear we have to offer including many one-of-a-kind unique badges and insignia.

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