This Week's Restocked Items - 2/3/2023

This Week's Restocked Items - 2/3/2023

Posted by Ranger Rick on 3rd Feb 2023

Just back from a successful Victory Show in Tokyo, Japan.  It was great to be back and see all our friends and customers after 3 years of Covid lockdown.  Our friends at Sam's Militariya always put on a great show with something for everyone.  Domo Arigato!  Our friends from Shoei are finishing up their FG-42 model guns and should be shipping them to us in a few days!  We've had a few items restocked while I was in Japan.  Here are some of the highlights: 

Replica MG 34

Replica P-38

Replica PPSh-41

Replica U.S. M3 Replica

Replica P-08 Artillery Luger

Replica M28A1 Thompson

US GI OD Fatigue Shirt - Medium

US Army Class B Khaki Short Sleeved Shirt

1st Pattern Vietnam Era Jungle Fatigue Trousers

Japanese Army Canteen

Japanese Army Bread Bag

Japanese Army Field Cap

2.5-Liter Flecktarn Backstrap Hydration System

Ammo Pouch, MOLLE, Flecktarn Camo

Leg Holster, BW Flecktarn Camo

This month we expect another shipment of German boots, Helmets, Uniforms and Zeltbahns.  Also due in is a shipment of German WWI gear. As always plenty of Surplus and Tactical items so please check the website for updates.


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