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  • Swiss Canvas 'Wheat' Bag - Used from Hessen Antique

    Swiss Canvas 'Wheat' Bag - Used

    Typical European military design canvas sack for carrying bulky food stuffs such as bread loafs, potatoes and grain to the front. These are Swiss military issue cotton canvas 'wheat' bags. Ideal for WWI and WWII German Reenactors living history displays...

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  • WWI Tornister Strap Set WWI Tornister Strap Set

    WWI Tornister Strap Set

    New reproduction replacement straps for WWI German Tornister Packs. Made of high quality leather with raw natural "rough side out" straps with heavy duty white stitching and nicely tanned inner just like original models. Complete with authentic grey...

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  • M1915 Rucksack M1915 Rucksack

    Prussian Rucksack

    New Reproduction Prussian rucksack. Many variants of rucksacks were issued by different German States between 1915 -1918. Our Prussian rucksack was one of more common models issued to the entire German Army making it suitable for any region. Packs are...

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