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"Sturm Mil-Tec" Brand Uniforms

These uniforms are produced by Sturm Mil-Tec. We were the first dealers in the USA to stock these uniforms and they are now sold by other dealers. They are a good value, although not as well made or authentic as our uniforms made by AZM. We continue to offer these Sturm uniforms for customers looking for a longer cut and lower prices.

We also have a small selection of unique uniforms. Please follow this
link to view our selection of "one only" reproduction uniforms.
  • M43 Trousers - Sturm from Hessen Antique M43 Trousers - Sturm from Hessen Antique

    German Luftwaffe M43 Pants

    New, reproduction Luftwaffe M43 Trousers, made by Sturm-Miltec. Features: LW M43 Pants Features: Blue-grey wool, two front pockets, one rear pocket, watch pocket two waist adjustment straps, belt loops, tape ties on cuffs, Authentic Size and...

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  • Fallschirmjäger Gloves from Hessen Antique Fallschirmjäger Gloves from Hessen Antique

    Fallschirmjäger Gloves

    German paratrooper jump gloves. Excellent quality brown leather gloves/gauntlets featuring elastic bands in the wrist/forearm covers. These are excellent reproductions. New. Size:I = 7, Size:II = 8, Size:III = 9, Size:IV = 10.

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